About Us

Founders David and Lynn Hall were born and met in Glasgow, Scotland, before spending a number of years working in London and New York. David, a passionate cyclist and professional traveler and Lynn a keen runner and travel companion realised well-calculated snacking was, and continues to be, a vital consideration.
Hide & Knife is the product of a cultural big bang. Taking Scotland's naturally abundant produce, combining it with America's favorite snack, and of course acknowledging the uncompromising palate of Londoners and New Yorkers alike; the finest cured beef snack was created. Yet we didn't rest on the seventh day.  Jerky came to not only function as sustenance on the trail or train, but back home it came to symbolise a magnificent window into the wilderness. Inspired to reconnect people with craft and nature, as well as introduce people to the taste of their native land and the possibility of an all-natural Jerky as a sports snack, Hide & Knife was formed.